Commit to Vote For Andre Vasquez for 40th Ward Democratic Committeeperson on Tuesday, March 17th!

About Andre Vasquez

Andre Vasquez is a lifelong Chicagoan, husband and father of two young children, and the 40th Ward Alderman. Andre was raised to believe in values like honesty, fairness, and integrity, but he wasn’t raised to run for public office. In fact, for a long time, he didn’t think his voice really mattered at all.

As a candidate and in office, Andre has “flipped the script” on our local political process, building power not by pledging himself to entrenched interests, but rather by going straight to the source of that power: the people of the 40th Ward.

By going door to door and engaging in honest conversations with neighbors, Andre educated himself on the issues and core values that move our community. By empowering everyone to have a voice in his campaign, he helped spawn a movement that has long since outgrown him.

Ask Andre and he’ll tell you – this effort isn’t about him, it’s about all of us together.

Since taking office he has delivered on this promise by creating a ward office that operates in an open and transparent manner, by holding community forums and town halls, and by creating participatory budgeting and legislative committees open to ward residents. We are listening and responding to the constituents who put us here.

And we’re just getting started.

When we stand together as neighbors, we have the power to make real and lasting change. We can and will build a city that works for everyone, starting right here in the 40th Ward. Ours is a movement designed not just to win an election, but to create a lasting legacy: an informed, engaged community that models inclusive, representative democracy for Chicago and Cook County.

Andre’s Accomplishments:

  • Increased accessibility in the 40th Ward Office through weekly open office hours, holding regular town halls and community forums, producing a weekly online newsletter and posting daily recaps of ward news on social media.
  • Opened up opportunities for co-governance to the people of the ward by inviting them to join participatory budgeting and legislative committee teams through the Aldermanic office.
  • Introduced legislation to explore cured-in-place pipes as an alternative to existing water main replacements that destroys old-growth trees after listening to neighbors concerns about protecting the character of their neighborhoods.