On April 2 we have a chance to elect new leadership to Chicago City Council. Our city has been hurting for too long. We all know it's time. For too long, we've had leadership that covers up for their colleagues while they impose the "corruption tax" on us. For too long, we've had leadership that touts their accomplishments while closing schools across the city. For too long, we've had leadership that sells off city assets for pennies and raises our taxes to make up for it.

Andre Vasquez is the candidate who will fight for us, not the elite who've been running our city for decades. We need your help to make sure Andre Vasquez becomes the next alderman of the 40th Ward. Can we count on your vote?

Our Ward · Our Moment

It’s time for a change.

Andre Vasquez is running to be the next 40th Ward Alderman because he believe that this is Our Moment to establish an Accessible, Accountable Open Government that is committed to the entire community. Chicago needs a New Wave!

As Chicago’s next 40th Ward Alderman, Andre Vasquez will be committed to:

  • Facilitate regular town halls and community forums throughout the entire ward.
  • Disseminate information and solicit public input through a variety of formats so as to reflect the diverse needs of the ward, and ensure accessibility for all people.
  • Collaborate with grassroots organizations and neighbors to create community resources and workshops focused on engagement and civics education.

Endorsed By:

Let’s Do This Together

Chicago Born And Raised

As a son of immigrants, Andre Vasquez knows the importance of working hard and the common goals to make our city great. Our diverse experiences and backgrounds are united by a shared vision for true change in local government, investing in our neighborhoods, and a brighter future for our kids.

As a husband and father of two young children, Andre is invested in the fight for better schools, city services, and the right allocation of resources in our city government

Donate To Our Campaign

This is our moment, our ward, our city. This is your opportunity to contribute to Andre’s campaign. Every bit helps and we mean it! Especially when we’re up against big moneyed interests and decades-long incumbencies. Make a one time donation OR become an ongoing monthly donor for expanded and ongoing support of our movement. It will take each and every one of us on this road to victory.

Do You Live In The 40th Ward?

Chicago’s 40th Ward includes several diverse neighborhoods including Lincoln Square, Budlong Woods, Bowmanville, West Ridge, Edgewater and Andersonville. Find out what ward you live in by clicking on the button below!