Commit to Vote For Andre Vasquez for 40th Ward Democratic Committeeperson on Tuesday, March 17th!

Andre Vasquez For 40th Ward Committeeperson

We the people believe that real leadership begins with a commitment to engage, educate, and empower voters and stakeholders in our community. Andre has a plan to achieve these goals in the 40th ward, working together with neighbors to lift up our voices and throw open the doors to the rooms where decisions are made.

Vote Andre Vasquez For 40th Ward Committeperson Tuesday, March 17th!

Building on years of sustained organizing and outreach, we already have the blueprint to engage every resident in the 40th ward in the political process. We’ve been going door to door, hosting meetings, and working hard to meet people where they are (geographically and ideologically.) Our ward had one of the highest voter turnout rates in Cook County during the last election cycle, and we know we are stronger when we tap into the energy, enthusiasm, and ideas of everyone in our neighborhood.

Andre understands that life is busy and politics is complicated, which is why one of the first things he did as a candidate was to create a platform to educate ourselves about how the process works, and how we can build power together through grass-roots organizing. Our campaign is a welcoming, judgment-free zone where we can learn from one another and marshall all of our talents and strengths towards a common goal.

Giving real power back to the people is a core value of this movement. That’s why we’re developing a system that will empower citizens to participate in every step of the political process. You are invited to take a seat at the table and help us make decisions about endorsements, candidates, and platform priorities.



Andre Vasquez is a lifelong Chicagoan, the son of immigrant parents, a husband and father to two young children, a community organizer, and the 40th Ward Alderman.

Like most of us, he grew up believing that politics wasn’t really about him or his family, that big decisions were made by other people, and that his voice didn’t really matter. Then he discovered what can happen when we, as a community, reclaim the power to chart our own future.

This campaign isn’t really about Andre, left/right platforms, or political ideology. It’s about you and your family, your vision for our shared future in the 40th ward, and how we can get there together.

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