Commit to Vote For Andre Vasquez for 40th Ward Democratic Committeeperson on Tuesday, March 17th!

Why It Matters

Neighbors may disagree on some of the contentious issues of our time, yet there are core values and practical solutions for our community that have the potential to bring people together. Finding common ground requires a commitment to outreach, diversity, and inclusivity – we are better served when our politics and government reflect the best in all of us.


Andre believes that the vote of the 40th Ward Committeeperson belongs to all of us. For far too long, far too many of our leaders have operated under a system of closed door dealings. We plan to push the Democratic Party of Cook County towards a more inclusive and transparent political process, and we plan to lead by example. Here are the ways we are moving the 40th ward towards open door democracy:


  • Engagement – We believe that every person in our ward matters. In practice, that means making a sustained effort to reach new voters and offering opportunities at different times and locations throughout the ward for citizens to get involved in the process. We have done this (it’s how Andre got elected Alderman), we are doing this, and we’re going to keep at it.
  • Education – The first step in taking back our city government is understanding how it works. This isn’t always easy, sometimes intentionally so. There are no stupid questions and few obvious answers when we gather to dive deep into thorny subjects like TIFs, gun violence, and pension funding. We work to shine a light on the important issues facing our city, to collaborate and learn from one another in a safe, inclusive space, and to have a real conversation about how things work and how we can make an impact.
  • Empowerment – Once we understand the system, we seek to change the system – reshaping it to reflect our values and enrich our community. We make a point to remind one another that this is our government, and that we have both the authority and the responsibility to hold our elected leaders accountable. Andre is committed to setting up processes to facilitate the involvement of the entire community, and believes there is no challenge so great that we cannot meet it together. Taking ownership of our shared future is not just an ideal, it is the very purpose of the movement we are building every day.