Andre for 40th Ward Campaign August Commitee Meeting and Petition Rally

The Andre for 40th Ward Alderman Campaign held it’s monthly committee meeting, and ballot petition rally. We are so overwhelmed by the support our 40th ward neighbors, every committee meeting is better than the last. We are building the 40th ward into a growing community, with an accountable and accessible ward office.

We can’t do this alone, we are going to have to reach out to our neighbors and connect on the issues that effect us all. From police accountability, to trash pick up, from an Elected school board to pest control and pot holes.

“I’m much more interested in building our campaign, our organization, than tearing down another, anything else is a short cut, so let’s build”

– Andre Vasquez

Thank You all so much for your commitment to building a new community for us all. Now let’s hit the streets, and get on the ballot ya’ll!