Commit to Vote For Andre Vasquez for 40th Ward Democratic Committeeperson on Tuesday, March 17th!

I am proud to announce that I have been endorsed by State Senator Ram Villivalam! I met Ram while playing pick up basketball at Emerson Park a couple of years ago when I was organizing a weekly game. A year later, I met him formally as he was beginning his campaign for Illinois State Senate!

At SEIU, Ram fought for the rights of home care workers and as a candidate, he campaigned on the same values. I was organizing in the 40th Ward, which shares territory with the Illinois 8th District so of course I wanted to help. As part of the Reclaim Chicago North Chapter, we ran GOTV canvasses for his campaign from my backyard, because at root that’s what this movement is, neighbors helping neighbors build community power.

It is an honor to work with him, to have his support and to bring the same dedication to working folks in City Council as the next Alderman of the 40th Ward!


This is Our Ward, Our Moment! Please donate whatever you can to make sure we can bring real change in Chicago’s 40th ward: Donate To The Andre Vasquez For 40th Ward Alderman Campaign!