One People’s Campaign Endorses Andre Vasquez for 40th Ward Alderman!

I am incredibly honored to receive this endorsement!

ONE People’s Campaign is an organization that works together with, is made up of, and is led by folks who understand the struggle because they live it. They have a collective heart that is integral to building truly powerful movements for racial, economic, and gender justice.
I look forward to bringing reform to our City Council in solidarity with them!

Having the endorsement of both organizations that work in the #40thWard really validates the work that we have been doing here!

The People For Bernie Sanders Endorse Andre Vasquez for 40th Ward Alderman

27 Days left until the election!

A little over 3 years ago I met a Presidential candidate that reflected the values and fire I wanted to see in our government. That led me to drive to Iowa to knock on doors, throw a fundraiser here in Chicago (BernFest), and begin the road of community organizing that led me to run for public office.

What Bernie fought for and continues to fight for is a world where the political power rests in the hands of the many, not in that of corporate interests.
It is that same fight that our campaign continues at the city and ward level.

Here in our city, we see how corrupt our system has been and how developers are given our tax dollars by politicians who they support financially. That needs to end and with your help, it will end!

I wanted to share an announcement that is very dear to me:
Our campaign has been ENDORSED by The People For Bernie Sanders!!!

The People for Bernie is a nationally recognized organization that grew from Senator Sanders’ Presidential Campaign and one that has endorsed many candidates in the years since that reflect our shared values. I am honored to have their endorsement!!

In honor of this announcement and the 27 days left until the election, can you please support our grassroots and growing campaign by donating $27 today?

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Together we can unseat a 35 year machine politician and work to clean up our council!

It’s Our Ward and Our Moment!

Illinois State Senator Ram Villivalam Endorses Andre Vasquez For 40th Ward Alderman!

I am proud to announce that I have been endorsed by State Senator Ram Villivalam! I met Ram while playing pick up basketball at Emerson Park a couple of years ago when I was organizing a weekly game. A year later, I met him formally as he was beginning his campaign for Illinois State Senate!

At SEIU, Ram fought for the rights of home care workers and as a candidate, he campaigned on the same values. I was organizing in the 40th Ward, which shares territory with the Illinois 8th District so of course I wanted to help. As part of the Reclaim Chicago North Chapter, we ran GOTV canvasses for his campaign from my backyard, because at root that’s what this movement is, neighbors helping neighbors build community power.

It is an honor to work with him, to have his support and to bring the same dedication to working folks in City Council as the next Alderman of the 40th Ward!


This is Our Ward, Our Moment! Please donate whatever you can to make sure we can bring real change in Chicago’s 40th ward: Donate To The Andre Vasquez For 40th Ward Alderman Campaign!

State Senator Daniel Biss Endorses Andre Vasquez For Alderman in Chicago’s 40th ward

We are proud to announce that State Senator Daniel Biss endorses Andre Vasquez for alderman in the 40th ward!

“I’m deeply honored to have Daniel’s support. Daniel’s challenge to the political money machine spoke to 40th ward voters when he ran for governor. He wanted a more open, accountable government for our state, and that’s exactly the kind of government I’m running to bring to the 40th ward and the City of Chicago.” – Andre Vasquez

Please pitch in whatever you can to make sure we can bring our message of an accountable government in the 40th ward to every voter:

Reclaim Chicago Endorses Andre Vasquez for 40th Ward Alderman

From Reclaim Chicago

Reclaim Chicago is proud to endorse five community leaders for alderman. Watch the Reclaim Chicago page at 10 am to hear from these five progressive leaders who are dedicated to “One Chicago, for the People”.

Andre Vasquez from the 40th was was born and raised in Chicago, The son of Guatemalan immigrants. Andre is an artist, rapper, husband and father who became active in politics during the Bernie Sanders campaign. Through his work at a utility company, he has a significant experience managing teams of people to achieve shared goals. Andre is deeply invested in the fight for better schools, city services, and transparency in government.